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Anne Crabbe, CFP®

Anne Crabbe, CFP®

Financial Advisor

Anne Crabbe is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional whose exposure to the investment industry started as a phone clerk at the Chicago Board of Trade in 1989. “I saw so many people who were confounded by the stock market and by the investment choices available to them. I knew that I could be a service to people if I could help them to learn about investing and financial planning - which would then help them to take control of their finances and their retirement goals.” Today at Cone & Associates, she does just that: educates her clients and provides them with a full, comprehensive, stand-alone plan that provides clients a tangible, computer-driven analysis of their goals. Through this work, the end result is a powerful tool to assist in retirement planning.

Education has always been a must for Anne and she stresses the importance of understanding to her clients at every opportunity. Our firm is geared to offer education and meetings are scheduled with extra time specifically devoted to teaching clients about the nature of investments. Because financial planning is more than just investments, Anne approaches her job holistically. She addresses any tax concerns and estate planning issues a client may face. Her favorite part of the job is intertwining the personal and analytical aspects of being a financial advisor and building long-term relationships with clients.

Born and raised in Chicago, Anne originally came to Paso Robles to help grow a winery with some friends. She quickly fell in love with the area and has enjoyed building her career as a CFP® in such a beautiful area. As Anne says, “Paso Robles is a hidden treasure and a great community in which to establish roots and raise children. I am lucky to be here.” In her free time, she enjoys reading (she could never give up her love for fiction) and exploring her community. On a perfect Saturday afternoon, Anne and her daughter get donuts, go to the farmer's market, play at the park, and end the day with a movie night cuddled up together.